–You may remember having to donate by December 31st of the year for which you're filing taxes.  NOT ANYMORE!!  Now you can donate up until APRIL 17th, 2019 for your 2018 tax return!

The deadline has been extended!

"I'm not good with changes.  Music therapy has helped me reduce my anxiety so I can go out in the community independently and make new friends.  It has made me a better person.  Music therapy makes me feel like I don't have a disability.  I am free to express myself, free to be myself." - Steffi, age 30

– For every dollar donated, Higher Octave Healing is able to fund music therapy programs that work on life skills, helping our clients to reach their potential and ultimately be happy and contributing members of society.  Your donation makes a big difference in the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities!

You can still give to your favorite private and public schools!

Arizona Tax Credit

– This is a dollar-for-dollar reduction on the income tax you owe!  If you donate $400 to HOH and you don't owe anything on your 2018 taxes, you will get $400 back in your tax return.  If you end up owing the government, $400 of credit will be applied to what you owe!  

–Previously you have only been able to donate up to $200/$400 when filing as a single/joint filer respectively.  Thanks to the Arizona State Legislature, NOW you can double that amount and ultimately get double that amount back on your taxes!

1. Determine if you are filing your taxes as a single or joint filer for 2018.

2. Select your donation amount: single filers can give up to $400 and joint filers can give up to $800!

​3. Click HERE to donate $400 and HERE to donate $800!  Want to donate your own amount?  Click HERE!

4. Claim your donation on your taxes under "contributions for Qualifying Charitable Organizations"

5. Get a dollar-for-dollar credit on your tax return!

Your money supports music therapy!

How exactly does my money help?

2018 Qualifying Charitable Tax Credit

– 100% of every dollar from the tax credit goes directly to supporting music therapy services.

- A $400.00 tax credit provides a scholarship for a while to receive group music therapy for four months.

- An $800.00 tax credit provides a scholarship for a child to receive group music therapy for eight months.

-HOH serves over 500 people a week, 52 weeks a year!

YOU decide how your tax dollars are spent.  Pay your AZ taxes to the state OR donate that money to Higher Octave Healing, a Qualifying Charitable Organization (formerly the Working Poor Tax Credit).  Don't owe $400 or $800 in taxes?  Arizona will refund you the full amount after you pay your taxes.  The deadline is April 17th.  See below for how you can donate today!

Things You Should Know

– The private and public school tax credits and qualifying charitable tax credit are two separate things.  Donating to one does not impede your ability to donate to the other in any way.  You can give and benefit under all three tax credits!

Follow these 5 easy steps:

The donation amounts have been doubled!

providing music therapy for over 600 in the community each week


​​Providing music therapy to over 600 people each week, Higher Octave Healing seeks to support community programming, music therapy and related services, and continuing education for professionals and students by providing an avenue for donations, fundraising, grants, and other streams of funding to help continue the music therapy and support programs and services we provide for so many of Arizona’s children, teens, and adults through our 501(c)3, federally recognized non-profit status.  EIN 27-1896282​

Tax CREDIT means you get the money back!