providing music therapy for over 600 in the community each week


“When my mother was in hospice, the Higher Octave Healing music therapist facilitated a beautiful end-of-life experience between myself and my mother at her bedside.  My mother was an organist, and she used to get a little ‘wild’ on the organ, improvising in a way not generally expected of organists in her time!  She said she used to pull out the stops and let her spirit soar.  The music therapist played a familiar organ song on the guitar for her while I rubbed her mother’s back and held her hand as her breathing slowed.  [Her passing] ended up happening in a really beautiful, memorable way for us.”  – Karen, Glendale, AZ.
“The music therapy Rock Band through Higher Octave Healing has been so amazing for my son.  I’ve never seen him talk to other teens as much as he does during Rock Band.  His self-esteem and willingness to talk to others in his daily life and at school is a direct result from what is going on in Rock Band.  We love coming and we love the group.” – Jay, Chandler, AZ

​​Providing music therapy to over 600 people each week, Higher Octave Healing seeks to support community programming, music therapy and related services, and continuing education for professionals and students by providing an avenue for donations, fundraising, grants, and other streams of funding to help continue the music therapy and support programs and services we provide for so many of Arizona’s children, teens, and adults through our 501(c)3, federally recognized non-profit status.  EIN 27-1896282​

What our clients have to say

Steffi's Story

“Initially I didn’t know how much Harry could be helped through music therapy given his severe cerebral palsy.  I was so happy to see the Higher Octave Healing music therapists understand and work with him on the smallest, but most important things in life through music.  She genuinely cared about his progress and how he did outside of music therapy.” – Patti, Mesa, AZ.
"Our Higher Octave Healing music therapist was one of the best therapists Tommy has ever worked with, and that includes a long list of folks.   Tommy has had many therapists from behavioral, speech and OT, and as a parent you can really tell who genuinely cares and who is able to make a genuine connection. He was able to see that from day one.” – Lou, Tempe, AZ.

Katie's Story

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“My son became more of aware of others and himself at school and at home.  He loves coming to music therapy [sessions] and is better able to keep pace with other students [at school.]” – parent of a child with autism
"My name is Katie, and I have Cerebral Palsy.  I would like to share with you how music therapy has helped me in my life. I started receiving music therapy through Higher Octave Healing in June 2010.  Since then music therapy has helped increase my self-esteem.  I have been able to work on this goal by creating a blog with music and songs that I can relate to as a young woman with a disability.  The theme of my podcast is “Helping others to understand more about my life as a young woman with a disability through music that I can relate to.” This has helped me to express and be more vocal about my thoughts and feelings through music.  Music therapy has also helped me become more confident in the things that I can do like singing, which is hard for me because of my CP, but my Higher Octave Healing music therapist has helped me work on breathing so that I can feel confident to speak and sing.  I have performed in the Higher Octave Healing recitals and annual fundraiser “Don’t Stop the Music!”  Without music therapy and great music therapists, my life would not be as good as it is.  It is therapeutic as well as fun!  Thank you Kymla and Higher Octave Healing for your dedication to people with disabilities!" - Katie
"Michael can do so much through music therapy.  Our music therapist has worked with him for many years and is patient and supportive.  I am so grateful to have been able to continue music therapy with Higher Octave Healing.  Thank you!!!” – LaVon, Phoenix, AZ.
"For more than ten years now, God has blessed me through music services. Music Therapy has always been a very fun and interactive part of my life. Working with my music therapist at Higher Octave Healing has been amazing. Music therapy gave me an amazing sense of freedom from always having to rely on my parents for everything. My music therapist understands me as an individual, and not just another person with a disability. 
I have emceed and performed at recitals.  I went to the rally at the State Capitol in 2009 and rallied to keep music therapy.  I volunteer some of my time to do office work because it helps me learn new work-related skills. Through music therapy, I have fulfilled a life-long dream of mine completely aside from the therapy: I have developed my own podcast radio station online.
My music therapist helped me start a Feelings Journal, which I still keep. This helps me to release my emotions. Lately, I even started writing my own poetry; which is helping me get through tough times in my life. I also have Cerebral Palsy, Spastic Dyplegia, and Raynauds Syndrome. I have been in a wheelchair for my entire life as well. Music therapy has encouraged me, uplifted me, and inspired me to try new things.
I am grateful to be able to continue to receive music therapy services given all of the state budget cuts. Having Music Therapy has definitely changed my outlook on life forever." - Steffi

"Every hospital should do this. To all my music therapy friends on Facebook every single one is a wonderful special person. I am thankful every day for music therapists. My life has been impacted so much by music.  I wish so much that music therapy would be more recognized, covered by insurance and things like that and more places would have it so more people could benefit and therapists would get jobs and make more money. I first fell in love with the field volunteering with one in a children's hospital, then working and observing children with special needs. And then when I began receiving music therapy services myself. When I experienced anxiety about the transition out of my parents house and getting through a degree. I could not do without all of these music therapists in my life now, with the help of music therapists I am better able to cope with my anxieties. I have developed more musical and social skills, and my brain processes better. I even have gotten up the strength to perform at a sandwich shop in front of people. I am better able to make decisions and try new things. I have myself accomplished so much through this therapy. It would be my dream job if there was no barriers. I really hope all hospitals will do this I have worked in hospitals for years and they would all be much better if they had music therapy." - Diane
“[Music therapy] has given him something purposeful and meaningful each week.” – parent of a teen with autism

As with most types of therapy sessions, the focus is on the client and the work of the therapist with that client. Our therapists are all nationally Board-Certified and have received years of training in order to support their clients.  We typically do not allow volunteers to work with clients because of the level of service required.  As a training organization, we do allow music therapy students or music therapy interns enrolled in a university music therapy program to assist our therapists with sessions, when appropriate.  If you are a student or intern enrolled in a university music therapy program and would like to assist in therapy sessions, please contact our office.