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As with most types of therapy sessions, the focus is on the client and the work of the therapist with that client. Our therapists are all nationally Board-Certified and have received years of training in order to support their clients.  We typically do not allow volunteers to work with clients because of the level of service required.  As a training organization, we do allow music therapy students or music therapy interns enrolled in a university music therapy program to assist our therapists with sessions, when appropriate.  If you are a student or intern enrolled in a university music therapy program and would like to assist in therapy sessions, please contact our office.  If you want to know more about volunteering opportunities, contact Sara at

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Every year we want to honor a volunteer for their outstanding service to the program.  This year we honor Kirsten Morelli as the recipient of the Jesse Rathgeber "Volunteer of the Year" Award.  Kirsten has been volunteering with HOH for about a year and a half. In that time she has donated almost 300 hours. Kirsten has been putting her amazing skills as an artist to use updating and creating new visual aides for the HOH therapists and interns to use in sessions. She has also recently designed and painted the new "HOH Giving Garden". From the initial brainstorming and sketching phase to completion it took about 9 months and 240 hours. Kirsten also designed the flowers that will hold the items from our clinic wish list. Thank you Kirsten for sharing your time, ideas and talent with the staff and clients of HOH!

– At Higher Octave Healing we utilize A LOT of visual aids and visual media.  These items are well loved by our clients, and often need to be replaced or redesigned.  A Visual Aid Assistant has great attention to detail, works well independently, and has wonderful art/design skills.  This volunteer helps to recreate or originate visual aids that go with music therapy interventions and songs. 

Volunteer Opportunities

Facility Assistant
Volunteer with Higher Octave Healing!
Community Engagement Liaison
The "Jesse Rathgeber Volunteer of the Year Award"

Host a Fundraiser

– As a non-profit, Higher Octave Healing wants to connect with people and organizations in our community.  Several times each year, we host booths at local conferences and expos to share information about our organization, the people we serve, and the benefits of music therapy.  If you are a people-oriented person and enjoy sharing with others about the benefits of music therapy, this Community Engagement Liaison position could be a great fit for you!

Visual Aid Assistant 
Music Assistant

​​Providing music therapy to over 600 people each week, Higher Octave Healing seeks to support community programming, music therapy and related services, and continuing education for professionals and students by providing an avenue for donations, fundraising, grants, and other streams of funding to help continue the music therapy and support programs and services we provide for so many of Arizona’s children, teens, and adults through our 501(c)3, federally recognized non-profit status.  EIN 27-1896282​

– Occasionally we need assistance in our clinic doing a variety of “handy-person” jobs such as: hanging pictures, painting touch-up, moving furniture, assembling furniture and equipment, and other small jobs.  Are you handy?  Let us know you’d like to volunteer for this occasional job.

– We are always looking for volunteers to help repair instruments, replace strings, organize the instrument library and inventory, copy music, and complete other music-related tasks.  If you are a musician and you are familiar with guitar and other percussion instruments used in music therapy sessions, this might be a great fit for you!

– We are looking for a Tech-Savvy person or two who can assist us with a variety of occasional jobs such as: setting up a donated computer, networking our printers, setting up our iPads and tablets, etc.  Is this something you could do on occasion?

providing music therapy for over 600 in the community each week

Technical Assistant 
Like us, you recognize the value of music therapy in the lives of those we all care about.  If you have the time and desire to give back, please contact Sara at!

Are you interested in helping raise money for HOH through small events such as a wine tasting or fundraising dinner in your home?  This is a great way to socialize with friends while raising money for a good cause.  Use the form below to sign up!